Monday, March 9, 2009

SQIP "Income" Sources

I took this information from the Sqipcom website in early March, 2009...

Below is a list of income streams that you will share in either immediately when the portal goes live or within a short time.

Detailed info on each income stream will be available in the portal when that income stream is activate Several income streams have multiple sub categories that are not listed here.

C/D > beside each listing indicates whether that income stream pays commission or dividends.

Commission is paid every Friday to affiliates. Commission is paid from sales from within your network 5 levels deep.

Dividends are paid every month. Dividends are allocated from the remaining profits after affiliate commission has been paid.

Dividends are paid on a per PEP basis. If you have 100 PEPs when we announce a dividend of 42 cents for a one month period, you would be paid 42 Euros. If you have 1000 PEPs you would be paid 420 Euros. If you have 10,000 PEPs you would be paid 4200 Euros. If you have 100,000 PEPs you would be paid 42,000 Euros...and so on. (No guarantee of income, example only)

The more PEPs you own, the more cash dividends you will get paid.

From every Euro in sales; 50 cents is paid out to the affiliate network. The remaining 50 cents is paid to the Stakeholders every month on a per PEP basis.

There are a limited amount of PEPs available in Sqip. When these are gone we will not allocate any more new PEPs.

And remember; you never need to upgrade, subscribe or buy anything in Sqip before you get ALL the commissions from your network sales. When we say there are NO OBLIGATIONS ...we mean NO OBLIGATIONS...EVER!!!

C = Affiliate commission. D = Stakeholder dividends.


Flat rate international landline and mobile/cell to mobile/cell calls C/D
Multi-user conferencing upgrades with real time collaboration C/D
Virtual office space upgrades with work together tools C/D
Webinar/Presentation space with real time broadcasting C/D
On demand mass broadcasting of video/audio C/D
Live chat room capacity upgrades C/D
Ecommerce rooms upgrades C/D
Multi media livewire upgrades C/D
Advertising on the Sqip search engines: contextual ads D
Advertising across the Internet? Contextual & banner ads D
Advertising on the Sqip Portal sites: Prime ads/contextual & banners D
Advertising ‘post roll’ video sharing D
Audio advertising ‘pre selection’ of radio stations D
Featured video listings on multiple sites C/D
Back office featured listings C/D
Market Place income includes:
Featured listing D
Highlighted listing D
Bold listing D
Repeated listing D
Product Videos D
Additional product catalogue listing D
Sales Commission D
Sqip Auctions income streams include:
Featured listing D
Highlighted listing D
Bold listing D
Repeated listings D
Additional image uploads D
Single auction commission D
Fixed auction commission D
Dutch auction commission D
Lots auction commission D
Sqip Mega Mall with thousands of products D
Special offers from partners' products/services: D
Professional Auto responder C/D
Email upgrades C/D
Additional archive/storage space C/D
File sharing upgrades C/D
Green lotto C/D
Towah revenue share D
MasterCard fees D

Many more are in development producing over 80 income streams generated by millions of members.

Want to get those income streams working for you? ...then get busy introducing Sqip to your world; it can only lead to all sorts of good things!

ABSOLUTELY NO INCOME IS GUARANTEED!! Sqip is NOT a "get rich quick" scheme.