Monday, March 9, 2009

Is it safe to send "Towah" my passport info?

Today I was asked, "Is it safe sending your passport info to Towah?"

Here's my answer...

Well, I'm only an independent affiliate with SQIP, just like you so I cannot say it's 100% safe or not, however, after several discussions, both by phone and email with the CEO (Christian Fortune) of SQIPCOM, I feel very confident in him, his vision and his integrity and believe he would not trust his "baby" with just any banking company and would choose the best one he could find.

This would only make wise business sense since the goal is to sell SQIP (or do an IPO) within 24 months. If Sqip is what is appears to be (to me, a stellar Internet portal that virtually everyone online can benefit from, at zero cost to them), why in the world would he choose anything less than the best for SQIP? I sure would not.

All that to say, personally I think SQIP is for real, so I scanned and emailed Towah my passport.

Here is more information on Towah Group:

Towah Board of Directors:

You can also contact the Financial Services Authority (FSA) in the UK to verify that Towah is in fact registered and regulated by them. The FSA is a government body that regulates all financial companies in the UK.

If you feel uncomfortable, then wait until you do feel comfortable. Nobody's forcing you to do anything here. Certainly not me.

To our Mutual Success...

Nick Hetcher