Monday, March 16, 2009

Some information on "Towah"

Here’s some info on Towah that should be helpful.

Towah is free to join. Doing a bank wire to any bank has a
standard flat rate fee of 15 Euros. The receiving bank may
or may not add a charge depending it’s own fee policy, if it
is the beneficiaries own account, if it is a personal or
business account, if the transfer went through an intermediary
bank….and so on.

The easiest way is for members to simply ask their receiving
bank what charges if any they apply to wires coming from Europe.

Members can move money around within Towah for free…but at
some point some one will have to pay fees along the way to get
that money out.

Now, you can actually load the MasterCard from within Towah
for free….but if you use the card to withdraw cash then you pay
a small % fee. There is simply no getting around the fee thing.

Any company involved in moving money around has a business
model that charges fees to the user for the privilege of using the

Information on Towah Group

Towah Board of Directors

You can also contact the Financial Services Authority (FSA) in
the UK to verify that Towah is in fact registered and regulated
by them. The FSA is a government body that regulates all
financial companies in the UK.


The goal is to be earning enough so that the fees become
meaningless and irrelevant.

Remember, you (anyone) can use the many services in SQIP
for FREE and never have to get involved in the business model
aspect if you (they) don’t want to. That’s an option.


Disclaimer: No income is guaranteed ( just covering my butt :~)