Monday, March 16, 2009

Some information on "Towah"

Here’s some info on Towah that should be helpful.

Towah is free to join. Doing a bank wire to any bank has a
standard flat rate fee of 15 Euros. The receiving bank may
or may not add a charge depending it’s own fee policy, if it
is the beneficiaries own account, if it is a personal or
business account, if the transfer went through an intermediary
bank….and so on.

The easiest way is for members to simply ask their receiving
bank what charges if any they apply to wires coming from Europe.

Members can move money around within Towah for free…but at
some point some one will have to pay fees along the way to get
that money out.

Now, you can actually load the MasterCard from within Towah
for free….but if you use the card to withdraw cash then you pay
a small % fee. There is simply no getting around the fee thing.

Any company involved in moving money around has a business
model that charges fees to the user for the privilege of using the

Information on Towah Group

Towah Board of Directors

You can also contact the Financial Services Authority (FSA) in
the UK to verify that Towah is in fact registered and regulated
by them. The FSA is a government body that regulates all
financial companies in the UK.


The goal is to be earning enough so that the fees become
meaningless and irrelevant.

Remember, you (anyone) can use the many services in SQIP
for FREE and never have to get involved in the business model
aspect if you (they) don’t want to. That’s an option.


Disclaimer: No income is guaranteed ( just covering my butt :~)

Monday, March 9, 2009

Places to Advertise Sqipcom

Note: Remember the rules....Never spend more on advertising than you can afford to lose, and ALWAYS TEST before spending much on your Sqipcom advertising.

Websites to place your Reviews and Articles

Popular Ezines
Work At Home News
Ads Market Biz
Super Promo
Nova News
Admistress Advertising
Village Of Tidbits
Xtreme Marketing Tips
Getresponse Smart Ads
Rim Digest
Cash From Home
The Guru Marketer
BizWeb E-Gazette
DEMC E-Magazine
Web Marketing Today
The Affiliate Review
2 Bucks An Ad
Sendfree Advertising
The Millenia
Online Exchange
Straight Talkers
Biz Site Biz
BizSiteBiz Ezine
Super Promo
Pro Biz Tips
Directory of Ezines

Advertising Exchanges and Forums

The Lead Club: Get 60,000 fresh, verified leads per month – to promote your Organo Gold business. Includes 1,000 Guaranteed Full Page Views Every Month. For complete details, go to:

The Free Ad Forum: The Free Ad Forum: Post your free permanent ads and articles to over 70,000 internet marketers for free daily on TheFreeAd Over 1000 members join each week. Your link will not be rotated off. Free advertising for your website. Also, meet other marketers and exchange ideas. Post your free ad for your business online now at:

Free Advertising Exchange: Get maximum exposure and highly targeted visitors by placing ads with pictures and links in anyone of our categorized and subcategorized directories.

Pay Per Click Advertising:
Google Ad Words Yahoo Search Marketing MSN Ad Center Adbrite Quigo GoClick 7Search

The above gives you a great starting place. As you can imagine, there are many more FREE and PAID Advertising places online. You just need to go find them. Be careful.

SQIP "Income" Sources

I took this information from the Sqipcom website in early March, 2009...

Below is a list of income streams that you will share in either immediately when the portal goes live or within a short time.

Detailed info on each income stream will be available in the portal when that income stream is activate Several income streams have multiple sub categories that are not listed here.

C/D > beside each listing indicates whether that income stream pays commission or dividends.

Commission is paid every Friday to affiliates. Commission is paid from sales from within your network 5 levels deep.

Dividends are paid every month. Dividends are allocated from the remaining profits after affiliate commission has been paid.

Dividends are paid on a per PEP basis. If you have 100 PEPs when we announce a dividend of 42 cents for a one month period, you would be paid 42 Euros. If you have 1000 PEPs you would be paid 420 Euros. If you have 10,000 PEPs you would be paid 4200 Euros. If you have 100,000 PEPs you would be paid 42,000 Euros...and so on. (No guarantee of income, example only)

The more PEPs you own, the more cash dividends you will get paid.

From every Euro in sales; 50 cents is paid out to the affiliate network. The remaining 50 cents is paid to the Stakeholders every month on a per PEP basis.

There are a limited amount of PEPs available in Sqip. When these are gone we will not allocate any more new PEPs.

And remember; you never need to upgrade, subscribe or buy anything in Sqip before you get ALL the commissions from your network sales. When we say there are NO OBLIGATIONS ...we mean NO OBLIGATIONS...EVER!!!

C = Affiliate commission. D = Stakeholder dividends.


Flat rate international landline and mobile/cell to mobile/cell calls C/D
Multi-user conferencing upgrades with real time collaboration C/D
Virtual office space upgrades with work together tools C/D
Webinar/Presentation space with real time broadcasting C/D
On demand mass broadcasting of video/audio C/D
Live chat room capacity upgrades C/D
Ecommerce rooms upgrades C/D
Multi media livewire upgrades C/D
Advertising on the Sqip search engines: contextual ads D
Advertising across the Internet? Contextual & banner ads D
Advertising on the Sqip Portal sites: Prime ads/contextual & banners D
Advertising ‘post roll’ video sharing D
Audio advertising ‘pre selection’ of radio stations D
Featured video listings on multiple sites C/D
Back office featured listings C/D
Market Place income includes:
Featured listing D
Highlighted listing D
Bold listing D
Repeated listing D
Product Videos D
Additional product catalogue listing D
Sales Commission D
Sqip Auctions income streams include:
Featured listing D
Highlighted listing D
Bold listing D
Repeated listings D
Additional image uploads D
Single auction commission D
Fixed auction commission D
Dutch auction commission D
Lots auction commission D
Sqip Mega Mall with thousands of products D
Special offers from partners' products/services: D
Professional Auto responder C/D
Email upgrades C/D
Additional archive/storage space C/D
File sharing upgrades C/D
Green lotto C/D
Towah revenue share D
MasterCard fees D

Many more are in development producing over 80 income streams generated by millions of members.

Want to get those income streams working for you? ...then get busy introducing Sqip to your world; it can only lead to all sorts of good things!

ABSOLUTELY NO INCOME IS GUARANTEED!! Sqip is NOT a "get rich quick" scheme.

Should I invest in SQIP "PEPs?"

Question: "Should I invest in SQIP PEPs?"

That's an excellent question.

Personally, because I really believe that Sqip has the real potential to become the next mega Internet success story, I am investing some money "every month" in Sqipcom, however, that's a personal decision you need to make yourself, or with your spouse if you're married and making any kind of investment they would feel uncomfortable with you making that decision alone.

My advice to anyone, is to always remember to never invest more than you can afford to lose, in ANY venture, not just shares of Sqip. If you feel uncomfortable investing in shares (beyond the 100 free ones), then don't. Or, wait until you have a comfort level to do so. Or, possibly invest a small amount that you feel would not hurt you if you never saw a return; such as $25, $50 or $100 monthly.

Remember...You do not have to spend a dime, or qualify in any way - to be able to earn commissions, dividends and shares in Sqipcom. (You heard that right). This way, virtually ANYBODY can earn money in Sqip. This Absolutely ROCKS! That's why I personally signed up 272 people in my first month. I think Sqip just could be the next MEGA Internet company and I don't want to look back and say, "If only I had..." Do you?


Is it safe to send "Towah" my passport info?

Today I was asked, "Is it safe sending your passport info to Towah?"

Here's my answer...

Well, I'm only an independent affiliate with SQIP, just like you so I cannot say it's 100% safe or not, however, after several discussions, both by phone and email with the CEO (Christian Fortune) of SQIPCOM, I feel very confident in him, his vision and his integrity and believe he would not trust his "baby" with just any banking company and would choose the best one he could find.

This would only make wise business sense since the goal is to sell SQIP (or do an IPO) within 24 months. If Sqip is what is appears to be (to me, a stellar Internet portal that virtually everyone online can benefit from, at zero cost to them), why in the world would he choose anything less than the best for SQIP? I sure would not.

All that to say, personally I think SQIP is for real, so I scanned and emailed Towah my passport.

Here is more information on Towah Group:

Towah Board of Directors:

You can also contact the Financial Services Authority (FSA) in the UK to verify that Towah is in fact registered and regulated by them. The FSA is a government body that regulates all financial companies in the UK.

If you feel uncomfortable, then wait until you do feel comfortable. Nobody's forcing you to do anything here. Certainly not me.

To our Mutual Success...

Nick Hetcher

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Interview with Christian Fortune, CEO of SQIPCOM

Hey again...

I think you'll find my interview with Christian Fortune, CEO and co-founder of SQIPCOM, very interesting and insightful. I found him a very passionate, transparent, visionary with a brilliant concept. Oh yeah, he's also got a good (Scotish) sense of humor. Please listen.

The Most Important Action You Can Take is...

Remember this if you remember ANYTHING about making a fortune (or even $500 a month) from Sqipcom or any home-based business for that matter…

The MOST important ACTION you can take is to…PROSPECT!!

If you want to make the “big” must reach a LOT of interested people over time with your message.

Do this SIMPLE action again and again and again. Then REPEAT!! Teach your team the same exact process. Keep your business this SIMPLE and easy to duplicate and it will work.


So, your key to Super Success is to.......PROSPECT, PROSPECT, PROSPECT!! Then you "must" also Follow Up. As many say, the "fortune is in the follow up."

To Our Mutual Success and Freedom...

Nick Hetcher

P.S. Here's a 114 page prospecting manual I wrote called, "Over 250 Ways to Find New Prospects," that will be very helpful to you and it's FREE. Read it here at my direct link:



I have used the short ad below in places like and (for FREE) and it brings me new Sqip sign ups every time I run it. It has helped me sign up 272 people "personally" in my first month.

Did YOU get your 100 FREE Shares of "SQIP" yet? (my Sqip referral link here) (Limited-Time)

Personally, my link sends them to my marketing page (here's a marketing page I made for you to use for free - It presents the SQIP biz opp and directs the prospect back to you to join up or to answer their questions), or directly to the Sqip website. (Make sure they have your contact info and Sqipcom referrer link)

Nick Hetcher

P.S. I have also used a longer email but it seems the shorter ones work pretty well.

How 3 people turn into 3,279 in 7 months

Hey again...

This powerful 6 minute audio message shows you the secret of how you (yes, YOU) can build a team of 3 "committed" people to over 3,279 in the next 7 months (no guarantees of course)…without any costly or special knowledge or marketing tools, just by following this very SIMPLE system.

This example goes thru 7 levels and Sqipcom pays 5 levels but it gives you the concept and power of how to turn a few into a Sqip Army. In a word...COMMITMENT!



Sqip Support

Welcome Audio (Overview for prospects)

My interview with Christian Fortune, CEO of SQIPCOM

Prospecting Manual (250 Ways to Find Prospects)

Sqipcom FAQs

Information on Towah Group
Towah Board of Directors
You can also contact the Financial Services Authority
(FSA) in the UK to verify that Towah is in fact registered
and regulated by them. The FSA is a government body
that regulates all financial companies in the UK.

Over "250 Ways" to Find New SQIPCOM Members...


I know what it's like to try and find new prospects for any home-based business.

It can be tough, unless you know what to do and where to look for them. It can also be expensive, but doesn't have to be.

So, I wrote a 114 page "prospecting" manual called, "Over 250 Ways to Find New Prospects."

In it you'll find old school and new school (social networking/web 2.0) ways to find "new blood" for your business. It works for any home-based or small business but is especially effective (if you actually use some of these methods), with the SQIP business model since it's not that hard to give-away 100 FREE Shares of this incredible company.

Here's the "direct" link to my (NO COST) manual that you can read online.

Happy Prospecting!!

Nick Hetcher (don't send spam, please)

SQIP "Marketing" website 4U2 use

Hey fellow SQIP-meister…

Sqip is “very” close to launching. Looks like this coming week.

So, you can simply use their services, and/or begin to get as
many people as you can to go get their 100 “free” shares, and
start earning money and more shares and dividends, fast.

I also interviewed the CEO of SQIP. I HIGHLY encourage
you to listen to all 38 minutes. It’s on the marketing page I
built for you to use. Listen today, it’s extremely insightful.

Send prospects here: and it refers
them back to you. (Don’t worry, there’s no cost)

Nick Hetcher
Like you, an independent Sqipmeister

P.S. In a month now, I have personally signed up 272 people,
making my 5 level team well over 1,000, and growing very fast.
As you will learn, INCOME from SQIPCOM is tied into “members”
and who can’t GIVE AWAY 100 FREE SHARES of SQIP??
You don’t even have to buy ANYTHING or QUALIFY to get
ALL commissions earned!!

YOU can make great things happen, too. My 114 page
prospecting manual, “Over 250 Ways to Find New Prospects,”
will help you. There’s no cost. Here’s the direct link:

No Income Guaranteed of course. So please do NOT
expect to do nothing and make money. That’s why we’re
giving you tools to help you build a business from home. :~)