Saturday, February 7, 2009

SQIP - The Next "Mega" Internet Success Story?

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SQIP ( SQIPCOM ) - Could this be the next "mega" Internet success story?

(NOTE: Getting in EARLY, helped me build a worldwide team of 300,000 members in the past. So far, "this" opportunity looks "far" superior to me)

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Think of SQIP kind of like: Yahoo, Facebook, Linkedin, Skpye, Google, eBay, YouTube and MySpace all wrapped into one really cool package. Then add in a 6-pack of Red Bull. :~)

Disclaimer: Gee, that first line sounds like hype, hey? I'll bet it did get your attention though. Now, I have absolutely no idea if this company will be a huge success or a big fat flop. I'm pretty sure you don't either. As I write this in mid Feb. 2009, we just don't have enough information to make that call. If you are the skeptical person who thinks everything is a scam, or you are here just to throw mud at me, or you think this is some "get-rich-quick" scheme...PLEASE LEAVE NOW AND DO NOT TAKE ANY KIND OF ACTION WITH SQIP OR ME!! This is NOT for you. Not that it's a scam, I don't think it is. I just don't want to deal with any negative people. Life is too short. :~)

OK, let's move on now if you're open. If SQIP is the next big success story, or even somewhat successful, then many of us may stand to profit, some who work hard could potentially profit in a BIG way. (Note: Notice how I use words like; "if," "could" and "potentially" thru-out my communications? I do that so you don't feel like you're being "pitched," and I try to keep things upfront and believable).

After talking for about an hour recently to the CEO, Christian Fortune (who called me from Germany) about doing some voice-over work for SQIP, I learned some very interesting stuff about SQIP and decided to promote it.

I feel much more confident after that conversation, that this could possibly be the next great Internet success story. He appears to be very genuine and transparent, and told me he has assembled a team of top notch professionals to pull this off.

I thought you may want to know about this and at the least, check them out.

To start, SQIP is giving 100 FREE shares if you join "now" (at time of this update on 2/18/09), with no catches.

So, if that's all we did (collect the 100 shares), without having to give any personal or banking info. to the company, my thoughts are, what have I got to lose? So I did that. I even purchased a small amount of "extra" shares in SQIP (I never invest "more than I can afford to lose" in ANY opportunity and suggest you also heed that advice I learned long ago).

I think there is possibly a "lot" to gain for a small amount of my time.

Again, if you are uneasy about any of this kind of stuff, or you think this is a get-rich-quick" scheme (it's not) - then this opportunity is probably NOT for you (Please stop reading now, the rest will just sound like hype to you). :~)


Remember Yahoo in 1996?
Remember eBay in 1997?
Remember Google in 1998?

Imagine if you had grabbed some "shares" in the beginning!!!

Well...SQIP is a new (very powerful) Social Networking its Beginning.

Again, for a limited time you get a 100 shares free when you open your Zero cost SQIP account.

The sqip portal is “jam packed” with sites and features that are always no charge to use.

SQIP has developed some great partnerships to bring you the best in Web 2.0 and beyond. For example...SQIP Messenger has the same technology used by Skype, Yahoo, Google, AOL and many developed & licensed to them by a
company who took one look at SQIP & "partnered" with them. That company is Global IP and they made an announcement about this in online press the summer of 2008 (Google to find it if you want, I have seen it).

The information from SQIP is that they have some of the best designers, engineers, developers and creative thinkers working to bring us all something that will grow exponentially ...simply because it delivers the features, tools and possibilities that we want & need.

SQIP is built on partnerships, collaboration and win/win deals with companies around the world getting involved in making it happen.

GET THIS… SQIP wants to build a massive (no, they mean VERY MASSIVE) membership of users. This will drive up the value of the company (shares). So the more shares we own
(and there will be several ways to acquire them), the more we can potentially earn. They want to be in a position to sell the company within 24 months. From what I was told, we will
be able to sell shares even before they sell the company (from one of their websites). Plus, there are ways for us to earn money as well. And remember...with all of the social networking "tools" (FREE to use) SQIP has to offer us, we will be able to market virtually any small or home-based business we're involved with, MUCH better! (NO "adult" (porn) stuff will be allowed).


~ Unlimited no charge auctions and stores.

~ Biz networking- profile and find new business contacts.

~ Social Bookmarking with: tracking, multimedia, favorites, sharing,
feedback, etc.

~ Zero cost Dating: profile, in depth search, pictures, webcam, messaging,
live chat, favorites, fans, privacy protection.

~ Zero cost email accounts.

~ Selling B2B or B2C: no charge listings, catalogs, uploads, & more.

~ Sqip messenger will blow away the competition: IM, voice/video, etc.

~ Sqip Answers.

~ Back office: your referrals, stakeholder shares, & commissions.

~ Earn commissions on referral purchases 5 levels deep.

~ Sqips Towah Master Card.

I have nothing to lose by signing up, telling some friends, and waiting to see how things progress with SQIP. I did even buy a few (not a lot right now) shares also (besides the 100 free shares we get just for joining). If you agree with my thinking, you may want to join free and tell some friends. I’d advise NOT spending much (if any) money on "extra" shares yet, until you feel completely comfortable with what they are offering. Certainly never more than you can afford to lose (just being very cautious and safe). I am not making any income guarantees as at this time, I have absolutely no idea what will happen here. If you are skeptical, do NOT join.

For a very short time get 100 shares at NO Charge when you open your Zero cost SQIP account today. This is a Limited Time Offer, so do it NOW!!


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Nick Hetcher
Independent SQIP Affiliate (my voice-over company) (The most fun "break" place online)

P.S. Update > Just sending 2 emails to a little more than a 1,000 people on my list, and doing some regular Tweets in Twitter, I have "personally" sponsored 204 people in my first 14 days. That has grown into "hundreds" in my 5 level team. That should give you some hope and encouragement to give this a try. What is SQIP becomes the next Internet giant? NOW is a good "time" to get started and at minimum get your 100 free shares and tell your friends.

I use a simple ad like > "Did YOU get Your 100 FREE Shares of "SQIP" yet? (no catches) YOURLINK." Then I send them to this page. Of course you would not send your prospects here, but you can either put up a free page like this or send them directly to your SQIP page. ACTION is key to any success!!

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> AFTER YOU JOIN...look for a few important follow-up emails I'll send you. They may end up in your spam folder.

NOTE: No Income (as in ZERO) Guarantees Promised!!!

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