Wednesday, April 29, 2009

NEW > (Earn Commissions 10 Levels Deep)


SQIP is now paying a 5% commission 10 levels deep.
This replaces the old (before their "launch") pay plan
of 10% on 5 levels.

I think this is a better compensation plan, especially
for those who actually "work" SQIP like a business,
even if just part-time as most will.

And remember, we still earn cash dividends on the
"ENTIRE" membership (even on those who
joined before us. The more PEPs you have, the
more your cash dividends are worth.

We do NOT have to sell anything or qualify in any
way to earn commissions and dividends. This alone
makes SQIP a "no-brainer" home-based business
that virtually every entrepreneur should be involved

See the SQIP Compensation Plan movie (or audio)
and Member Reward Program page for more details.